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Porn doesn't have to be 100% serious all the time, does it? Sometimes you just want to get this kinda chuckle-boner, y'know? You want to kinda laugh at stuff but also kinda jerk it while you're at it. Comedy porn is a complicated genre, but we're doing our best to raise awareness regarding its hotness. For the most part, you're going to see either comedic scenes with outlandishly dumb scripts and awful acting (whether intentional or not) or funny bloopers, outtakes, and fails. There's also a huge selection of porn memes and memes in porn, but that's a whole another thing we won't get into. Basically, you're sure to enjoy this side-splitting experience. We add the funniest of the funny porn videos on a daily basis, including hot clips with pornstars and inane sex sessions of awkward amateurs. No matter what kinda funny XXX you came here for, you are guaranteed to find it. Feel free to bookmark this page to never miss a single update. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the show, and get freaky with it.