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Squirting porn is among the most popular XXX genres out there. There's no reason why you should ignore it even if you think that squirt=pee. We won't get into this subject because it's been done to death anyway. Just fire up your Google and do some independent research if you think that squirt=pee or squirt=/=pee. We won't try to sway your opinion with our convincing arguments anyway. Instead, we are going to talk about the kind of squirting content that you're going to find here. First and foremost, there are videos focusing on babes that experience a squirting orgasm while fucking. Then there's lesbian squirt porn, threesome squirt porn videos, squirt machine vids, squirt compilations, masturbation with squirting (lots of hot camgirls can do it), and so forth. Basically, there's something for everyone, no matter which exact kind of squirt-centric XXX you prefer. Be sure to check out all the other, closely related erotic categories that are available for free on our XXX website. Have fun!